Project Wheels help and info

  • What is Project Wheels?

    Project Wheels is a computer game in which users customize vehicles and drive them through an obstacle course, complete with ramps and loops. With different tracks to choose from and different ways to race, such as time trials, it’s a fun and care-free game that is easy to play. It also doesn’t use much processing power, which means most systems are equipped to run it.

  • Is Project Wheels free?

    Yes, this is a free download. It is, however, a demo preview, which means the functionality is limited. When users work their way through the free preview, they can then choose to purchase the complete game if they wish.

  • Is Project Wheels safe?

    Yes, it’s safe to download, install and play, and doesn’t include any harmful or malicious viruses. It also doesn’t feature any violent or graphics content, which also means it’s safe to play for all ages.

  • What platforms is Project Wheels available on?

    The game is available for play on the Windows operating system, in particular, Windows 7. It is not available on other operating systems, like Mac or Linux, and may not work on newer versions of Windows.

  • How often is Project Wheels updated?

    The game is no longer being updated. The last update for the game was for Windows 7. Though no new features or changes are being made to the software, it can still be downloaded and played on supported systems running Windows 7 or earlier.

  • Can I play Project Wheels with friends?

    No, the game is designed to be single-player. There is no leaderboard or multiplayer challenges and players only compete against their best times when racing through each track. The better they become, the harder it is to beat their last score.

  • Do I need an internet connection to use Project Wheels?

    Other than to download the software, the game does not require an internet or wifi connection. It can be played whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

  • How difficult is the game?

    The game is easy to play for nearly all players. There is no clear-cut objective, other than to beat your highest previous score, so there is no real skill involved. For most, it’s a fun and interesting way to pass the time and get creative with their video games.

  • How do I install the software?

    Project Wheels can be installed by visiting an official or third-party source to first download the setup file. Once downloaded, users can run through the setup process and select a drive and location for installation. Once installed, it can be played for free.

  • Where is it installed?

    Project Wheels can be installed in a location of your choosing when running through the setup process. Once installed, it can be found in the list of programs. A shortcut for the game can also be created that will allow users to open the game from their desktop with just a click of the mouse.

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